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Telematics, Fleet Management, Idle Reduction System

Volt 3 - Fleet Telematics

  • Quick Installation

  • Small Footprint

  • Idle Detection

  • 2 Year Warranty

Our Device

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Fleet Management Software

  • Intuitive Interface

  • Automated Reports

  • Automated Alerts

  • 12 Months of History

  • Maintenance Logs

Our Software

Now on Sale

Interested in testing out our Fleet Management, GPS Tracking, and Telematics System? You have come to the right place! We are currently offering  a 1 month trial period for our Volt 3 - Wired Telematics and Fleet Tracking Device and our award winning Fleet Management Software. The system has the following capabilities.

  • GPS tracking 

  • Excessive Idle Detection

  • Geo-Fencing (be alerted when your device/vehicle leaves a pre determined area)

  • Ignition Detection

  • Input and Output connections (monitor when an external device is turned on or off, and control an external device)

  • Weekly automated reports delivered to your e-mail inbox

  • Automated alerts for things such as excessive idling, Geo-Fence entrance or exit, Parking, Excessive Acceleration

  • 12 months of rolling history

  • Maintenance alerts and monitoring

  • Easy Installation - 3 wire installation or quick plug and play with an OBD 2 harness)

  • Much Much More

If you are interested in testing out our system just fill out the form below and we will get be in contact with you within 1 business day!

Demo Unit Request

To request a NO OBLIGATION demo unit fill out the form below.


Call: 469-881-7770

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San Antonio, TX 78257

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