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Dallas- Fort Worth Try and Drive Alternative Program

Global-View is proud to announce that we have been recently accepted into the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas Council of Governments Try and Drive program!


According to North Central Texas Council of Governments, "Try and Drive Alternative is a regional initiative managed by the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition that provides fleet managers and consumers the chance to borrow clean vehicle technologies, such as alternative fuel vehicles, for a trial period before making an investment.

Fleets and consumers are connected to participating technology providers via a directory maintained by DFW Clean Cities. Technologies listed in the directory include telematics, alternative fuel vehicles, alternative fueling infrastructure and more. Vehicles and equipment can be borrowed for a single day, a week, or longer, depending on the

arrangement with the vendor.

This trial period can provide the opportunity for side-by-side comparisons with traditional equipment and ensure that operational needs can be met without a commitment to purchase.

In addition, alternative fuel vehicles and other clean vehicle technologies can provide several benefits, including maintenance and fuel cost savings, as well as emissions benefits. By providing first-hand experiences with clean vehicle technologies, Try and Drive Alternative can play an important part in helping fleet operators see the benefits of these technologies with the hope of increasing their adoption and improving regional air quality". You can laern more about the initiative here

Moving Forward

We are very honored, proud, and excited to be a part of this program because we are always striving to find initiatives to help protect our environment. All of our devices can potentially help you reduce your fuel costs as well as offer other benefits that can help you and help protect the environment. Learn more here.

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