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How Technology is being Used to Assist with Contact Tracing Methods

With the recent pandemic running rampant across the country and the world, many world leaders and technologist have started to think about ways of controlling the spread of the virus. The image below shows how Contact Tracing has been done in the past, the image is provided by the Center of Disease Control:

As you can see the process is currently cumbersome and very manual, Global-View.Net along with other technology companies and government leaders are beginning to improve the process by relying on technology to help stop the spread.

How Contact Tracing uses Technology to Improve the Process

By utilizing GPS Tracking data, address and residential databases, and government hosted/protected health data the entire process can be automated. Imagine using one of our GPS Tracking Devices and our Fleet Tracking system to setup a Geo-Fence around an infected persons home. Anytime that infected person leaves the home an alert is generated and e-mailed or sent via TXT to hospital or an infectious disease official. The official then knows the address and people living at that address who have came into contact with that individual and now can investigate whether those individuals are effected. These trackers can be placed on any person who just flew into a country or a state, a require software application be placed in lieu of the GPS tracking devices, therefore monitoring their phone locations allowing officials to quickly trace down whom the individuals came in contact with if they are later determined to be infected.

Some of the core technology solutions require the following:

1. GPS Tracking data from individuals or vehicles

2. User data based on locations

3. Data access sharing and security controls

How Can We Help Governments and Organizations Conduct Contact Tracing?

For government organizations looking to implement our system we recommend the following solutions.

1. Utilize our GPS Tracking contact tracing APP and install it on any phone, use the tracking data and 2 way communication to talk between a potentially infect patient and monitor their location. This is a low cost high technology readiness level solution. It is a working and currently viable product.

2. Use our hardware based GPS tracking devices to keep track of vehicles of people who appear to be high risk of defying quarantine guidance.


If you have any questions about our technology, our contact tracing APP, or our GPS Tracking Devices and software, feel free to reach out to us at:

Stay safe!

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