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New York Fleet Tracking, GPS and Dash Cam Vehicle Tracking System

Our New York GPS Fleet Tracking services provides our customers with the opportunity to monitor deliveries, track service calls, automatically log mileage for tax purposes, verify your drivers are driving safely, receive notifications when a vehicle has deviated from a certain path or left geo-fenced area, etc... All these features and options help small-businesses reduce operational cost, increase operational performance, and can help improve user and customer satisfaction.

Whether you are a concerned family member in New York City, or a small business owner in Albany, Global-View's Vehicle Tracking Devices and Car Tracking Service can help provide you with the information you need to have peace of mind or to make important decisions. Use our hidden magnetic tracking devices to covertly track any vehicle or person. Small Business Fleet Tracking is made effective with our  Jet 2 OBD Tracker These devices can provide small business owners with maintenance information, driver report cards, automatic mileage logging, and so much more. In addition. our latest dash cams provide live streaming for your convenience, accurate GPS tracking and much more! Don't wait, join other people in New York and purchase our GPS Vehicle Tracking Service Today!


Do you  or your business reside in a different city or State? What about a different country? Global-View.Net's solutions can help no matter where you live or work. We have customers across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the world. From small countries like Suriname and Saint Martin to larger countries like the Nigeria and Brazil. Our worldwide network of cellular providers allows us to serve you and your customers no matter where you are.

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