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Live Streaming Dash Cam


The Falcon Live Streaming Dash Cam is an excellent tool for today's business. Our tri-channel dash cam is made for vehicles that require multiple cameras either in the cabin or attached to the exterior of the vehicle, this device is perfect for 18-wheelers, heavy duty trucks, trailers, buses, transport vehicles, and more. Falcon's modular design allows for a universal fit and extended durability. Our device has a minimum of 2 cameras integrated in the device itself with hook-up for one additional camera in the wiring harness. 

This dash cam also includes an internal GPS antenna for a superior signal in GPS degraded zones. 

Falcon features live video streaming, GPS tracking, event alerts, and more. These features make it the perfect choice for: video evidence for accidents or collisions, monitoring employees and their driving habits, teaching tool to help employees to drive more responsibly, blind spot navigation, load assessments, and more.


  • Video Cameras

    • Integrated Dual Cameras:

      • Integrated road-facing and cabin-facing cameras​

      • Front Facing Camera: 1080P

      • Cabin-Facing Camera: 720P

      • Wide Angle Field of View (FoV) at 140 degrees

    • External Camera Upgradable​

    • H.265 Compression​

      • Saves 40% file size in comparison to H.264 video file format​​​

  • Driving Behavior Monitoring - Event Alerts​

    • Harsh Acceleration​

    • Hard Braking

    • Sharp Turns

    • Accidents / Collisions

    • Speeding

  • File Storage​

    • Includes a 64 GB microSD card

    • Supports a maximum of 1 microSD cards​

    • Memory slot is expandable to 256 GB

  • Cloud Storage

    • Automatic video uploads for Events​

    • 1 minute video clip

    • GPS location history

    • 4G / LTE connection providing for fast video uploads

  • SOS Buttons​

    • Included are SOS buttons to quickly upload a file to the cloud​

  • DIY Installation​

    • Easy installation with concise instructions​

    • All accessories included for simple or complex installations

Global-View.Net New Fleet Tracking Falcon Dash Cam Live Streaming Low Cost Plan Made Easy
Global-View.Net New Fleet Tracking Falcon Dash Cam Live Streaming Low Cost Plan Made Easy
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