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Global Fleet Management System - Alerts based on Time and Location

Hello! In today's blog post we are going to talk about a question we get asked from time to time from some of our business power users. The question is:

Can I get an alert if a vehicle isn't at a certain location between a specific time frame? For instance if vehicle 1 isn't at 101 Main Street between 1 - 2 PM EST, can you system alert us?

The answer to the question is yes!

Some of our customers use these alerts to make sure employees are in certain locations when they are supposed be, it also can help some delivery services determine if a scheduled delivery will be late, or it allows some users to place certain assets in specific locations to meet the increase flow of customer traffic.

With our Global Fleet tracking system this type of alerting and functionality can come in handy anywhere in the world. The pictures below show you how to set up these alerts.

Step 1. Create a Rule that will trigger when a task failed.

Go to Alerts --> Add Rule

Select Task Performance

Select your vehicle and select "Failed"

Set up your alert notification

Next we need to create the task with the parament.

Click on Field Service -->Tasks --> Click the "+" Button

Set the location of where the GPS tracking device needs to be:

Click on the "Task Start" section to set the day/time you need the device in place.

The items highlighted in red below show when the event triggers.

Click on save, and your done!

If your GPS tracking device is not in the location you set at the time highlighted in red above, then an alert will trigger and you will be notified of the missed event.

We hope this tutorial helps some of our small businesses get more use out of the system.

If you have any questions about your fleet tracking service, or your GPS tracking devices feel free to let us know.

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