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GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracking Systems

Fleet Tracking, Car Tracking Devices, Vehicle Tracking System, Global-View.Net Fleet Tracking Solution
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Decreasing gas costs

Smarter routing and policies to improve driver efficiency caused by data gleaned from industrial GPS tracking can help companies lower their fuel costs. Reducing gas prices will help save some cash now and, potentially, a great deal in the future when gasoline prices rise.

Who's Utilizing GPS Fleet Tracking?

Several companies large and small are using GPS Fleet Tracking to improve their business, including Progressive Insurance Company, Steam Cleaners, TruGreen Lawn Care, and many more large and small companies. GPS tracking may be used to ascertain whether truckers are currently abiding by company policy and rules. Businesses may use GPS tracking to determine which channels are efficient and which aren’t and create strategies to boost efficiency.

Paperwork reduction

GPS tracking system can lessen the paperwork load of dispatchers and managers by automatically recording details previously documented with workers. Entities are increasingly jumping on the GPS tracking train. Law enforcement, public safety, and other small government organizations continue to use Fleet Tracking systems to optimize their routes, improve their maintenance plans, and track their employees during difficult operations. Police Departments sometimes can use the tracking devices to covertly attach to a suspects car and gain valuable information about a potential bad guy.

Improved upkeep

GPS tracking can help businesses better track vehicle use and functionality, allowing them to produce a more successful maintenance plan. Companies can decrease expensive and time-consuming repairs and increase the well being of the fleet by utilizing maintenance alerts from Global-View’s GPS Tracking System and devices. Fleet tracking uses GPS receivers as well as also the GPS system to give information regarding fleets of vehicles to their managers or owners. With GPS fleet tracking, supervisors can always know where their resources are, and continuously gain information about speed and timing. By inputting and analyzing information gathered by Global-View’s GPS tracking system, these managers can identify ways to better use their resources. Tracking also will help prevent assets from being stolen or misused by employees.

So who can use this wonderful enhancing GPS technology?

School systems can utilize fleet tracking to monitor their school buses and maintenance vehicles. Live vehicle tracking might offer significant information to police and sheriff departments in emergency situations like severe weather events, hijackings, and thefts. These small government organizations can use the data acquired from the GPS trackers to better train their employees and also give warnings when rules, policies, or procedures are being violated.

Our GPS Fleet Tracking solution

Can help you ascertain how much money you can save equipping your vehicles with these tracking devices and your managers with the tracking software or app. Does your business need to log mileage for tax purposes? Are you doing it by hand or with another costly system? Why don’t you try to improve the efficiencies of your employees by automating that task? Global-View.Net’s Fleet and Car tracking system can do that for you. Simply just enter the starting mileage of the vehicle into the system, then start tracking. At the end of the week or month you can simply generate a mileage report from our system. The fleet tracking system will then generate a report showing how many GPS miles were traveled, along with the driving behavior of your employees who are driving the vehicles with the tracking devices installed. Our tracking devices and GPS Fleet Tracking solution helps improve your driver’s behavior.

Fleet tracking applications make it possible for businesses to track speed. As excess speed is a contributor to accidents, driving habits and keeping tabs on motorist speed may reduce accidents.

Examples of How Companies are Using GPS tracking Devices

Plumbing and HVAC providers can use information gleaned from GPS tracking to provide support to their employees in the field. By using GPS tracking solutions to monitor company vans those businesses can work to improve response and repair time, as well as improve communication to their clients. Imagine being able to get a notification when your employee is 15 or 20 minutes late to their next job. If your in the service industry you know that communication is key. Being able to relay that information to your client automatically not only helps improve customer loyalty but also helps improve operational efficiencies. You could then choose to re-route another driver who is ahead of schedule to jobs that the late employee had on his or her schedule. This cascading effect will leave behind a wake of happy customers up and down the value chain.

So to bring this blog post about fleet tracking system to a close, we have outlined above several different companies who have installed car or vehicle tracking devices into their fleets. We have saw many ways that this has or could help with their fleet management capabilities. We have also discussed how this small investment in a Fleet Tracking system can help drive long term return on investment. Stay tuned and in a future blog post we will go through the math for calculating the benefits of the GPS Fleet Tracking System.

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