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Hidden Magnetic GPS Tracking Devices - How are They Used?

Hidden GPS Tracking Devices

As human society becomes complex, there is the need for tools to increase surveillance across different layers of our community. Relationships need careful monitoring to build trust, arresting criminals need cogent reasons by the police, and safeguarding our precious assets now requires covert action. Achieving these results without being detected require devices using hidden magnetic GPS tracking devices.

What is a Magnetic GPS Tracking Device?

They are devices for tracking suspicious targets without being detected. They are ready to go devices deployed on any vehicle across different locations. They are perfect the surveillance device to use for monitoring suspected cheater and locate stolen vehicles and are perfect for to tracking assets without letting others know.

How Magnetic GPS Tracking Devices Work

It uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to transmit the targets longitude and latitude, ground speed and target’s course direction using the satellite system to send the location of the target to the viewing or receiving device monitored remotely by a private investigator, the police, or another interested individual.

How to use Magnetic Hidden Vehicle Tracking Devices

• The devices are pre-setup installed with SIM cards to transmit signals of their location and other information it is designed to capture.

• The tools are battery operated and need to be charged intermittently, Global-View’s devices last up to 240 days in sleep mode and 2 months in active mode!

• Place the device in any hidden, hard to detect and safe location in the target area – usually a vehicle or a moving object.

• Login to on your Smartphone, tablet or a computer to access data sent from the hidden vehicle tracking device.

When to Use Hidden Vehicle Tracking Devices

To catch a cheater or arrest criminals requires patience. The magnetic GPS tracking devices provide the perfect tool to quickly and easily attach a hidden tracker to a vehicle without being detected. The following are instances magnetic GPS tracking devices are used:

• Catch a cheater. A private investigator hired to provide evidence of a spouse cheating will find the device handy to use.

• As a car alarm or car locator. If your vehicle has ever been stolen you know how frustrating it can be to lose your personal assets. If you use a hidden GPS tracker some of that frustration can be alleviated, instantly know where your vehicle and valuables are and track them instantly!

• Employee surveillance. Productivity is increased with the use of magnetic GPS tracking devices, especially for delivery and service vehicles

The benefit of using magnetic GPS tracking devices is to provide an easy way to monitor a target because the device can function as a single entity. It does not require any special installation and can be installed on a vehicle even without access to the interior of the car.

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