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History of GPS Tracking Devices & Systems

GPS telemetry data has become a part of modern American's every day lives. We use GPS on a daily basis (whether we know it or not). We can use GPS signals to find our way to a friends house via Google Maps, to check in at our favorite coffee shop via Facebook's "check in" feature, and of course we use GPS Tracking Devices and Fleet Tracking Software here at Global-View.Net. The list of tools, applications, and companies who have come to rely on the Global Positioning System (GPS) goes on forever. So now the question is... who do we have to thank for such a great, reliable, and accurate system? The U.S. Air Force.

On February 22nd, 1978 the US Air Force launched the worlds first Global Positioning Satellite. The Air Force would continue to launch satellites until a crescendo of 24 were fully operational. The 24 satellites in space provide nearly full coverage of the Earth and thus provide a high fidelity system for all of us to use. Many of the governments around the world saw the benefit of the GPS system and started launching their own constellations such as the European Union's Galileo constellation, and Russia's GLONASS constellation.

So while we all use our fleet tracking systems and car tracking devices to provide us with a wealth knowledge, don't forget that thank the engineers in the US Government (and other governments around the world now) for their hard work in providing us with a superb piece of technology that has become ingrained in all of our lives!

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