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How GPS Affects Society and Education

There are countless excellent reasons to use GPS fleeting-tracking services from Global View GPS Tracking. The company’s superior devices and software ensure that you can locate your business’s vehicles quickly and accurately. Global View maintains a position at the forefront of advances in physical tracking and offers effective solutions.

But did you know that GPS technology is used in a variety of other ways?

Many pilots turn to GPS as a supplemental navigation aid for their aircrafts. At sea, GPS receivers are used on recreational and commercial vessels to provide real-time information on altitude, longitude, time, course and speed; they also assist with coast-line and harbor navigation. 

Surveying and mapping primarily consist of the collection and processing of position information, and they usually require specialized GPS equipment. In the surveying market, applications include construction and engineering surveying, route surveying (roads, pipelines, and cable and utility lines) and geodetic research. Data can be collected for evaluation later in the office or used real-time in the field.

GPS is used as a location device in cars and in cell phones to help people map and navigate. The technology is also used to find and keep track of criminals, especially the ones who escaped from prisons and jails. GPS technology in your cell phone or car makes it easier to call for help in that rescuers can locate you even if your position changes from the time you called to the time help arrives. The devices on pet collars can help you track your animals if they are stolen or lost. 

Teachers and students are still experimenting with GPS technology, trying to integrate GPS and mapping technology into their math, science and social studies curriculums. GPS and mapping technology can help students practice the language and communication skills they’ll need to complete hands-on, inquiry-based, collaborative projects that require higher-order thinking skills. 

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