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How GPS Technology Can Help Reduce Fleet Costs

GPS Fleet Management

Are you tired of the unnecessary costs of excessive engine idling tearing away at your fleet budget? If so, you're not alone. In this article, we will explain how excessive idling is costly and how Global-View’s Fleet Management Software can help you save money and extend the life of your vehicles.

The High Costs of Excessive Idling

Sadly, many drivers keep their engines running when they need to quickly run into the store or forget to turn it off when talking to a customer, but these mistakes have consequences.

According to Engines Off!, a Colorado government campaign focused on reducing vehicle idling, says that many trucks idle up to eight hours per day. This can cost fleet owners and operators $5,000 to $12,000 in fuel per truck each year!

In addition, According to a report by the New England region of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it says that excessive idling may cause an increase in maintenance costs as well as:

  • According to The American Trucking Association, idling can increase maintenance costs by $2,000 per vehicle per year and can shorten the life of an engine.

  • Idling causes twice as much wear and tear on internal parts compared to driving at normal speeds.

As you can see, excessive idling is expensive and can cost you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and repairs. Thankfully there are ways to eliminate these costs due to telematics and effective GPS technology.

How GPS Technology Can Help Eliminate the Excessive Costs of Engine Idling

Excessive Idling comes with a high price tag, but thankfully Global-View’s Fleet Management Software has various reports and alerts such as Geofence and Speed Monitor that can help you decrease and possibly eliminate your vehicle's excessive idle time.


GeoFencing allows you to set a perimeter virtual fence around a designated map area, when the GPS unit crosses the fence threshold then an alert will be created and shown on our system. This feature is great for monitoring family members and making sure employees continue to work. Imagine being notified when your teenage driver deviates from the school path or being notified when your elderly parent decides to take a drive to Alaska, utilizing GeoFencing technology those potentially bad events can be mitigated by immediately creating an alert. ​You can also use this alert for reducing vehicle idling. Set a geofence around certain idling hot spots, and then you’ll receive alerts when the vehicle enters and exits the perimeter.

Speed Monitor

Speed Monitoring allows you to be sure that a driver is exhibiting safe driving procedures. An alert can be created when a driver/device moves faster than a predetermined speed. You as a business owner, then can make a call and choose to actively communicate with the person driving unsafely. This can help reduce idling by alerting you when a driver moves past a predetermined speed.


Hopefully you are well aware of the high costs of excessive vehicle idling and know the crucial role that GPS technology plays in helping to significantly reduce and possibly eliminate these high costs. If you are interested in how GPS technology can help in other areas of life and business, check out our article on how GPS technology can protect you and your vehicles. Global-View is here to help you with your GPS Tracking and Fleet Management needs!

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