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How Police Use GPS Trackers

Help Recover Stolen Vehicles and Items

In the past, any car stolen had a very remote chances of being found. But now, with the power of vehicle tracking devices, you can know the exact location of your vehicle and provide useful information to police to recover your car. Stolen cars have been traced beyond national borders thanks to car location services using highly sensitive GPS trackers.

For a small business looking for trusted vehicle tracking devices or a consumer looking for active car alarms, this article will give you the headway in your search.

Understanding Vehicle Tracking Devices

Car location services make use of GPS trackers to locate tracked vehicles. GPS means Global Positioning System developed in the 1990s and had proven very useful in providing useful information about the precise location of a monitored asset providing the longitude and latitude coordinates of the car making it extremely easy for police to locate and recover the stolen vehicle.

The vehicle tracking device transmits its location using SIM communication via a cellular network to give the owner information about the tracked vehicle. The area can be seen on Google maps which gives the local law enforcement agents knowledge on where the find the car.

Types of GPS trackers

Two basic types of GPS trackers are on the market: Active and Passive GPS trackers. The active gives you instant information and will tell you remotely its current location and other valuable data to help you. The passive tracker on the other hands collect all useful information but does not send it to you, you can only get it when the vehicle returns home, and you download the report.

Fleet managers and logistics companies should be interested in the Active GPS Tracker that provides them instant information remotely.

How using GPS Trackers Have Helped the Police Recover Stolen Vehicles

The Redlands Police Department arrested about 140 crime suspects using GPs trackers. The crimes include car thefts, laptop thefts, armed robbery and commercial burglary, metal and cemetery thefts. When car owners buy car location services, it provides them with useful information about the locations of their vehicles.

The police can use such information as the lead for their investigation and make arrests with useful evidence to prosecute the criminals.

Many individuals install car alarms in their cars to make noise when the car security is breached, but with vehicle tracking devices even when the theft is successful, the owner can still know where the car as taken and provide the information to recover the vehicle.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Devices

Do GPS tracking device offer benefits that are worth the cost? Yes, the purpose is to find your property if its ever stolen and many assets are recovered after they have been stolen. The bullets below give a summary of some of the benefits of GPS tracking devices as described in this article.

• Anti-theft and recovery features of a GPS tracking device for car owners. GPS car tracking devices allow real-time monitoring of the location of your car and can provide instant notification if your vehicle leaves a specified area with mobile phone GPS alerts.

• Save on premiums with GPS car tracking devices. Insurance companies know the benefits of vehicle tracking devices and will offer discounts after seeing your efforts to secure your car.

• Peace of mind. Knowing your car will be found if stolen gives you the feeling of confidence your property is safe.



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