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NEW - 4G Wired GPS Tracker for Fleets & Individuals

Your favorite GPS Tracking Company and Fleet Management Company has just launched and integrated a new 4G Wired GPS Tracker! Our new hard wired GPS tracking device is great for any individuals or fleet managers who don't want to bother with recharging the batteries on their magnetic GPS trackers. We call this unit the Volt 2!

The Volt 2 utilizes the newest 4G IoT technology providing you with a consistent and accurate position at all times. If there is no 4G network available the device will fall back to any available 2G or edge network. This fall back capability is great especially when you go into an area that doesn't have great 4G coverage.

Simple Wired GPS Tracker Installation

Installation is pretty simply! The unit only requires 2 wires to install, power and ground. We do recommend connecting the ignition wire as well, doing so will help improve your GPS positioning and parking state detection on our Fleet Tracking Service and Fleet Management service software.

Advanced Fleet Tracking Installation

The device also allows for more complex installations with optional output and input wires. The output wire allows you to communicate with an external device, like a siren or a horn. Say for instance you needed the device to turn on the siren once the speed goes over 60 MPH, this device can achieve that with some advanced configuration changes.

The input wire allows you to monitor an external device, like a carpet cleaning machine, a motor on a tow truck, a generator or any other commercial piece of equipment that you need to monitor.

To implement these options slightly more advanced installation and configuration is needed, its a bit more work but the results are great!

These devices are shipping now! If you have any interest on our new hardwired GPS Trackers and Fleet Tracking devices please feel free to e-mail us at

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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