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What's New in Fleet Tracking Today?

Fleet tracking is becoming a ubiquitous solution for all small and medium sized businesses. As has been discussed in several other post on this forum, the ROI, data, and potential for optimization has made Global-View's fleet tracking system highly desired, consistently used, and very valuable to our customers. But, there is always change in all industries. One new and upcoming area is the utilization of live streaming dashcams in fleet vehicles.

Live Dash-Cams

Do you want to actively see where your vehicles, assets, or family members are at? Do you want to make sure that your employees are working at the right location? Live feed dashcams provide that solution! Why would I need dashcams? Dashcams and the ability to record either in the cloud or on a local memory card can help prove that your driver was not at fault in an accident. It can also give you the peace of mind necessary to know that your drivers are in a safe place!

Global-View's dash cams not only provide you with a live streaming feed, but they can also incorporate GPS tracking solution. Welcome to the connected age, where you can check on your assets and people no matter where they are (or where you are!).

If you are thinking about purchasing a live streaming dash cam, take a look at Global-View's Live Feed DashCam solution.

As always reach out to us if you have any questions! Have a great Fleet tracking day!

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