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Contact Tracing ready!


Do you need to reduce cost, but still need the tracking technology we offer? Do you want to see if GPS tracking is needed in your company? Do you already pay for the phones and data plans of your employees? The TAG may be the right solution for you!

The TAG is a simple app you download to your companies smart phones (Apple or Android devices) and use as a tracking device. The information is transmitted to our platform and provides you with the GPS location and tracking information you need. You can monitor your TAG's with the companion Monitor App. The cost is low, but there are definitely some limitations to this approach. 

The Pro's:

  • Low Upfront Cost

  • Lower Monthly Fee ($14.99/m vs $19.99/m)

  • Fast On-boarding Time

  • Derived Speeds and GPS locations of your employees

  • Great way to explore the app!

The Con's:

  • Depending on your devices, your employees may be able to disable the app 

  • Diagnostic vehicle information is not available 

  • Many of the technical features our platform offers are not available (e.g. collision detection, fuel monitoring, etc..)

A $14.99 Monthly Service fee is required for this product.

GPS Tracking Software & App

SKU: Contact Tracing App
$9.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
  • Requires a recurring monthly TAG service plan

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