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Our new Tracer GPS tracker provides accurate, detailed tracking at low cost and easy installation. This device is ideal for leased fleets that require a non-permanent solution (as to not void warranty) or individuals looking for something easy & serviceable. The Tracer attaches on to your vehicle's battery using the terminals and everything else is done through the main device! You then attach the device on a sturdy and cool area with the strong 3M adhesive-backing. (Do not install on engine, exhaust manifold or anywhere with excessive heat). No turn-on procedures, no fuss unlike the competition. 


No battery required!


Our Tracer GPS Tracker is insanely simple to install in 4 steps:

1. Locate your vehicle's battery.

2. Ensure your terminals are clean and instact.

3. Connect red wire to positve terminal (red) and black wire to negative terminal (black). 

4. Paste the tracker somewhere safe away from heat and drive! 

Simple Hardwire GPS Tracker - The Tracer

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