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Our Tiny GPS tracker, the Amp 2, is battery opearted,  utilizing the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This device uses CAT M1 and 4G LTE bands to communicate with our servers, this allows the device to access the majority of the Globe's cellular networks, providing you with a fast and reliable data connection.


Use Cases:

  • Tracking Loved ones
  • Tracking Employees
  • Monitoring Shipments
  • Monitoring Vehicles
  • Tracking Trailers or other Equipment


Why Select This Device?

The Amp 2 is small, accurate, and reliable. It has a good power management system allowing it to be deployed for 14-21 days (in active mode) or 24-38 days (in power saving mode) between recharging cycles, making this one of the best small GPS trackers or asset management trackers in the industry!



Magnetic Case Available

A small magnetic case is available for this device, the magnetic case is water proof and fits the small device perfectly. The case has 2 large strong magnets secured to it. This allows you to place the unit on any magnetic surface allowing for safe, secure, and covert attachment to assets, cars, or trailers.

Tiny GPS Tracking Device - (The Amp 2)

SKU: Tiny GPS Tracker
$99.99 Regular Price
$69.99Sale Price
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery:

    10-48 days per charge depending on mode

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